High lending limit, attractive interest rates

Flexible loan amount by agreement, attractive and competitive interest rates
No collateral needed
Respond quickly to urgent loans, serving unexpected spending needs
Simple and convenient procedures
Simple profile checks, quick approval, professional consultants, 24/7 support

Product information

Process & Payment date

Applicant eligibility

  • Vietnamese citizens aged 18 years and over
  • Have signed an employment contract for 01 year or more, and have worked for at least 06 consecutive months at the current employer. Customers also have worked for at least 12 consecutive months in their current field/industry
  • Minimum average salary after tax of 06 million VND/month (this condition does not apply to customers receiving salary from the State budget)
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    Maximum loan amount

    According to the policy applied to each customer segment
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    Maximum loan term

    Loan application

    Vietcombank's form
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    Proof of identity

    • ID Card/Passport
    • Residence information
    • Marriage Certificate/Single Certificate
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    Proof of loan purpose

    • Loan purpose: Based on Vietcombank’s instruction
    • Debt repayment source: Employment contract, Salary account statement and other needed documents according to Vietcombank’s instruction
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    Other documents

    Based on Vietcombank’s instruction
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    Loan application process

    Step 1: Receive consultation on loan conditions and required documents.

    Step 2: Prepare and submit the application as instructed.

    Step 3: Vietcombank conducts evaluation and notifies the approval result.

    Step 4: Customers and Vietcombank sign the loan contract.

    Step 5: Receive loan disbursement

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    Repayment date

  • Principal payment: on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Interest payment: monthly based on amortized outstanding loan balance
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    Loan estimate

    amount you want to borrow
    Interest rate
    Number of loan months
    Disbursement date

    Amount to be paid

    Loan method
    Monthly payment amount
    0 VND
    Total principal payable
    0 VND
    Total interest payable
    0 VND

    Total amount to pay
    0 VND

    Note: Calculation results are for reference only

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    • 1. Can I apply for an unsecured personal loan if my salary is paid through another bank?
      Yes, customers receiving salaries through accounts at other banks can still apply for an unsecured personal loan at Vietcombank.
    • 2. Does the time worked at the current workplace include the probationary period?
      The time worked by customers at their current workplace does not include the probationary or intern period.
    • 3. Are there any additional fees, such as document collection or appraisal fees?
      No, customers are not required to pay any fees when submitting their application for an unsecured personal loan at Vietcombank.
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