In addition to capital mobilization from commercial banks and stock issuance, bond issuance  is considered one of most useful financial instruments for enterprises these days. With the aim to protect benefits and maximize options for all Customers, Vietcombank and its securities company VCBS with  experienced staff in all industries are willing to provide services throughout the corporate bond issuance process.

Types of services

  • Issuance consultancy: Consult the enterprise with suitable issuance product (in term of quantity, interest rate ,maturity, issuing date …) and provide advice in the making of  issuance plan.
  • Underwriting: is when the Bank commits to buy  partly or the total of bonds issued by the Enterprise which can not fully be sold in the market.
  • Payment guarantee: To increase attractiveness of bonds in the market, Vietcombank considers guaranteeing the Customer’s ability to pay bond debt


Corporate bond issuance is suitable with enterprises in such cases:

  • Enterprises need large funds to finance specific projects
  • Funds should be disbursed in a short period
  • Enterprises wish to set standards and to measure itself in the financial market 


  • With Vietcombank service package ,  Customers’ success in bond issuance will be guarantteed ;
  • You can actively use mobilized funds from bond issuance and bears no strict supervision  on the purpose of fund using as compared to loan;
  • With trademark and prestige of Vietcombank, this is an effective channel to communicate your firm brand to the public.Attractive fees :
    • Issuance consultancy is free of chagre
    • Underwriting and Payment Guarantee fees are competitive


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