Continuing to Alert Regarding the Phenomenon of Fraudulent Impersonation of Vietcombank Brand Messages

Recently, there has been a continued occurrence of fraudulent impersonation of the Vietcombank brand through messages claiming that customers' accounts are locked or have been logged into from another device, and inviting customers to click on a link for verification, thereby attempting to steal customer service information and funds from their accounts.


ảnh minh họa


Here are some scams that have been continuously warned by the bank and various media outlets recently and are becoming more complex. Fraudsters continually change the content of fake SMS messages.

As soon as Vietcombank receives this information, we promptly report it to the relevant authorities to coordinate efforts to prevent these fake links.

Customers should take note:

- Fake messages often contain unusual links (e.g.,,,, etc.). If you receive a message with such links, NEVER CLICK on them and immediately report it to Vietcombank via the hotline at 1900545413 or visit a branch (during business hours) and the nearest local authorities.
- Vietcombank NEVER sends SMS messages with links for VCB Digibank login. Messages containing login links are always fraudulent.
- Vietcombank only has one official website: Please make sure to access the bank's official website when logging into digital banking services.
- If you've clicked on a fraudulent link and disclosed any information, please urgently lock your VCB Digibank service by sending a text with the code VCB KHOA DIGIBANK to 6167 or calling the hotline at 1900545413 or visiting a branch (during business hours).
- Always follow the safety guidelines provided by Vietcombank, which are regularly updated in the 'Personal Customers/Safe Transactions' section on the bank's official website.

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