[Warning] Deceptive impersonation using text messages in the name of Vietcombank's brand

In recent days, there has been an increase in scams where fraudsters impersonate Vietcombank's brand through text messages. These deceptive messages falsely claim that the customer's VCB Digibank service has been blocked and request the customer to click on a fake link. The intention behind this is to illicitly obtain the customer's service information and access their funds.

A number of fraudulent links have been identified as follows:

- http://www.vitevinabink.com/
- http://www.vcbdaigibink.com/
- http://www.vcbdaigibink.com/
- http://www.vcbdagibi.com/
- http://www.vcbdiaibink.com/

As soon as Vietcombank received this information, they promptly notified relevant authorities to block these fraudulent links. These are not new tactics but have seen increased complexity during periods of high transaction activity, especially leading up to holidays. Vietcombank advises as follows:

Vietcombank has only one official website at this address: https://vietcombank.com.vn/. Please ensure you only access Vietcombank's official website for logging into digital banking services.

Vietcombank DOES NOT send SMS messages notifying the locking of VCB Digibank services with links requesting account verification.

If you receive SMS messages with content similar to the above, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS provided in the messages, and immediately report this to Vietcombank through the hotline at 1900545413 and your nearest local authorities.

If you have already clicked on the links and disclosed information, take immediate action to secure your VCB Digibank service by texting VCB KHOA DIGIBANK to 6167 or calling the hotline at 1900545413, or visit your nearest Vietcombank branch during business hours.

Please adhere to Vietcombank's regularly updated safety transaction guidelines available under the "Personal Customers/Safe Transactions" section on the Vietcombank website.

Thank you for your attention.

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