Warning about fake SMS impersonating the Vietcombank brand: Absolutely do not click on any links in the SMS

In recent days, there has been a resurgence of fake SMS scams impersonating the Vietcombank brand in Hanoi and some neighboring areas. These messages claim that the customer's "VCB Digibank application has been detected as activated on an unknown device" and request the customer to click on a fake link provided. This link leads to a counterfeit website with the login interface of the VCB Digibank application, aiming to steal the customer's service information to access their account funds. These fraudulent messages contain unusual links such as: vietcombank.vn-cbs.xyz; vietcombank.vn-cbs.pop; vietcombank.vn-cbs.xyz; vietcombank.vn-ms.top...

This is not a new tactic and has been continuously warned about by banks and the media for many years. However, perpetrators frequently change the content of fake SMS messages to carry out fraudulent activities. Vietcombank is actively cooperating with relevant authorities to block fake links and minimize risks and financial losses for customers.

Vietcombank does not send SMS messages with login links for the VCB Digibank service. Any messages with login links are fake. Please take special note of the following:

1. Do not click on any links if you receive a message with similar content as mentioned above.

2. If you have clicked on a link and disclosed information, urgently lock your VCB Digibank service by sending a text message with the syntax "VCB KHOA DIGIBANK" to 6167 or by calling the hotline 1900545413.

3. If you receive a suspicious or fake SMS, report it immediately to Vietcombank through the hotline number 1900545413 or visit the nearest branch during business hours.

4. Vietcombank has only one official website: https://portal.vietcombank.com.vn. Please only access Vietcombank's official website to log in to digital banking services.

5. Follow the safe transaction principles that Vietcombank regularly updates in the "Personal Customers/Safe Transactions" section on the official Vietcombank website.

Please refer to the warning information provided by the Information Security Department - Ministry of Information and Communications for further details.


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