Exceptional protection
Peace of mind against health risks with protection up to 380% of the insurance amount
Diversified investment
Meeting a diverse range of investment risk appetites with 06 Funds and 02 leading Fund Management Companies
Dedicated service
Take control of a flexibly designed financial plan and increase autonomy for our esteemed customers

Product information

Insurance benefits
Participation conditions
Add-on riders
Reference information

Protection benefits

  • Total and permanent disability or death: up to 100% of the insurance amount + contract fund value.
  • Total and permanent disability or death due to an accident: up to 200% of the insurance amount + contract fund value.
  • The insurance amount increases by 15% every 03 years.
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Investment benefits

  • Benefit from investments in stocks, bonds, deposits, and deposit certificates returns from 06 Investment Funds and 02 Fund Management Companies.
  • Contract maintenance bonus of 3% of the average value of the insurance account every 03 years.
  • Refund 100% of the risk insurance fee in the 10th, 15th, and 20th contract years.
  • Pay out the total value of the contract fund on the contract termination date.
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Additional benefits

During the first three policy years, the policy is guaranteed to remain in-force even if the target premium account is insufficient to cover the policy fees and charges.
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From 30 days old to 70 years old
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Policy maturity

Up to 80 years old
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Premium term

  • Premium payment term: Equal to the contract term
  • Compulsory payment for the first 3 years of the policy
  • Flexible payment from the 4th year of the policy
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Rider list

  • FWD Care Health insurance 2.0
  • FWD Care Critical illness insurance 2.0
  • FWD CAre Critical illness waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Enhanced waiver of premium 2.0
  • FWD Care Accident insurance

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