Electronic Banking Service VCB-Money (VCB-Money) is built based on modern technology which aims to helps customers perform banking transactions with Vietcombank via internet through the computer system at their location without direct approach to the bank

Financial Institutes or Economic organizations having current accounts at Vietcombank
-       Processing payment transaction online
-       Updating account information and transaction status instantly
-       Centralized information management
-       Ability to customize and intergrate to customer system
-       Using advance security solutions (e-signature, one-time-password throung OTP card…)
 Product Features
1.     Information Inquiry
-       Bank information: exchange rate, interest rate
-       Account information: account balance, statement, account statement
-       Online credit advice: provide all information related to credited transactions instantly which helps to speed up customer’s payment process
2.     Payment services
-       Fund transfer nationwide
-       Oversea Remittance
-       Buying/Selling foreign currency
-       Salary payment
-       Direct Debit
Cost to use     
VCB-Money Service Fees is complied with the current tariff of Vietcombank. For detailed information, please refer to the tariff published on the website of the bank or contact Vietcombank branch where you opened your account.
Service Registration:
To register VCB-Money, please contact the Customer Relations Department at the Vietcombank branch where you opened your account
You can also dowload the forms related to the VCB-Money services as follows:

VCB-Money Contract (in Vietnamese)
VCB-Money Contract (in English)
VCB-Money e-signature maintenance form: Vietnamese - English