Factoring is a contract in whichan exporter/seller (herein refer to as the seller) or the seller’s Factoring agent will transfer to Vietcombank all of its rights and obligations related to the seller’s account receivables which will come due under 180 days in order to be provided by Vietcombank or Vietcombank’s Factoring agent with at least two of the main factoring services as follows :
  • Maintenance of accounts (ledger keeping) relating to the account receivables ;
  • Advance payment up to 80% ~ 90% value of the account receivables
  • Collection of receivables;
  • Protection against Buyers/Importers' default in payment

Types of Factoring

  • Export/Import  Factoring
  • Domestic Factoring


The Sellers who desire to

  • Penetrate into new markets, seek for new buyers; enhance competitiveness by offering favourable terms of payment to the buyer (i.e. deferred payment );
  • Get more finance and gain protection against Buyers’ defaults when offering deferred payment

The Buyers who desire to

  • Make deferred payment by T/T within 90 days.


  • To the Seller:
    1. Enhance competitiveness through flexible payment methods
    2. Protection against Buyers’ payment default  up to 100% of the invoice value
    3. Advance payment by Vietcombank up to 80-90% of the receivables;
    4. Improved cash flow through fast collection ad remittance;
    5. Frequent and updated information on the standing of the Buyers;
    6. Reduction in administration and collection time and costs ;
  • To the Buyer:
    1. No Factoring fees required;
    2. No need to open L/C, or deposit
    3. Deferred payment;
    4. Payment only if commodity meets the contract requirement,
    5. Flexible payment methods (in Vietnamese Dong or foreign currencies)


Current fee schedule of Vietcombank (see here)


  • Corporate Banking Department of the nearest VCB branch, or
  • Factoring Division - Payment Promoting Department – Head Office
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