Domestic letters of credit

Provide you a variety of effective payment and cash management solutions

Thư tín dụng nội địa là thư tín dụng được các doanh nghiệp trong cùng một quốc gia sử dụng làm phương thức thanh toán. Trong đó, Vietcombank có thể đóng vai trò là ngân hàng phát hành và đồng thời là ngân hàng thông báo L/C.

Domestic letter of credit (or Local letter of credit) is an L/C used by companies in the same country. In which, Vietcombank can play the role of both issuing bank and advising bank. 

Product characteristics

  • Payment  currency:  VND, unless the beneficiary is a company in an export processing zone.
  • Required documents : Normally less documents with simpler contents compared to foreign L/C.
  • Payment method:  At sight, deferred payment, bill acceptance at issuing bank or any banks.
  • Applicable law: Refer to UCP 600 as the basis for document processing and dispute resolution.


  • Ensure safety for both seller and buyer;
  • Reduce capital pressure for the buyer;
  • Receive best services from a leading bank in Vietnam;
  • Get advices on document contents and transaction procedures to ensure your benefits.